Finding new clients can be tough for any business – new or old – but even tougher is turning these potential clients into paying customers. It is even more difficult if your area of business does not always end in a sale on your first contact with a new prospect. The follow-up is the one thing that can make or break a new business.

What about customer retention? Sure, having a good product or service helps, and having knowledgeable and personable employees is always a plus, but there is always room for improvement. Just because they are a paying customer does not mean you should not do follow-ups with them as well.


Importance Of New Client Follow Ups

In a mid-2017 study it was reported that a sales – in any industry – takes on average 5 follow ups via phone, email, or a face to face visit after the initial contact is made with the potential client. A process like this can be easy to manage if you are just starting out or have just a couple of new clients you are focusing on.

Whether you are just starting out, have been in business for a while, have one client, or one thousand clients, it is in every company’s best interest to build up a database of current and potential customers. The most successful companies out there – again, in any industry – have a tremendous follow-up program embedded in their sales routine. Every bit of which starts off with a customer database.


Importance Of Client Retention Follow Ups

The same is true for following up with current and/or past customers. Typically, as long as the customer had a good experience their first time around, you have a better likelihood of closing them on another sale (or cross selling or up selling, etc…)

As mentioned above, the most successful companies will have a tremendous follow up and re-marketing process to current and past customers. And, again, it all starts with some sort of record or database of these clients and customers.


The Key To Follow Ups

The key factor in all of these follow up processes, whether for potential clients or current and past clients, is the very first step: a database or record. If you properly take this first step, you are guaranteed to be able to scale and build upon it in order to squeeze a better ROI out of your marketing and sales efforts.


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